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Otacilio Costa Road / São Sebastião
do Canoas s/nº, km 1,5
Industrial Area - Palmeira - SC
Post Box 60 - Zip Code 88545-000

Phone: +55 (49) 3275-2393
Fax: +55 (49) 3275-2242

E-mail: resitol@resitol.com.br







What we plant today will make the difference tomorrow (future). The economical and environment management and social obligations complete each other in Resitol. It is in the DNA of the company to change the secondary products of others industrial processes in noble products, contributing to the sustainability of the planet. Resitol is the proof that nothing in the nature is wasted. That is visible in the portfolio that comes from a sub product of the fabrication of the Kraft paper.


The sustainability creates optimizations in all corners. The proof is in the implemented programs of supply of water to reuse in the paper industry and the utilization of biomass in the kettles is stead of fuel of mineral origin.


The company keeps the fitness and transparency, indispensable characteristics to the leader of the segment.






The Resitol not only accomplishes the municipal, state and federal ambient legislations but also searches to improve all the time the indicators of economy of water, energy, and reduces the rests and atmospheric  emissions.  All the water utilized in industrial processes is leaded to the paper industry. Therefore Resitol combats the waste of this natural recourse and helps the productions of cellulose of longa fiber (this water is rich of salt). So the kettles that create  the steam to fabricate the tall oil raw and operate the follow system of distillation of raw sterol utilize biomass (sawdust) in place of fuel of mineral origin.


Resitol also practices the chemical security decided by the Agenda 21 (Rio/ 92) with control actions and prevention of impacts of extraction, production, storage, transport, handling and discard of chemical substances.



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