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Otacilio Costa Road / São Sebastião
do Canoas s/nº, km 1,5
Industrial Area - Palmeira - SC
Post Box 60 - Zip Code 88545-000

Phone: +55 (49) 3275-2393
Fax: +55 (49) 3275-2242

E-mail: resitol@resitol.com.br


The Company



Resitol chemical industry is the unique productor  of sterol extracted from pinus in Brazil (it is among the 4 greatest productions all over the world) and national leader of the production of crude tall oil (CTO). Since 2 decades of history, has been developed in a consistent way, improving the attention to the clients and all the time working with quality and excellency.


Founded in August/1995 by the fusion of Brasilac Chemical Products (manufacturers of CTO-in Palmeira-SC) with the branch Resitec Chemical Industry (productor of esters and resins-located in Duque de Caxias-RJ). Since May 1996 is on of the companies of the Braido Group, conglomerate that acts in primary and secondary activities (cattle raising farms).


Before, the CTO of pinus was exported to USA, South Africa, Holland, New Zealand and Japan, but since 2010 all the production was designated to a multinational company installed in Brazil, manufacturer of organic acids, industrial lubricants and other articles. But the raw sterol the is principal product of Resitol. It began to be produced in 2005. To fabricate its evolution, innovation and pioneering. This is because only Resitol extracts  this substance from CTO of pinus. It works like that:  from  the process of CTO of pinus comes several products, among them, the pitch of distillation. This ingredient when it crosses by a chemical treatment and a special distillation, origins the raw sterol of pinus.Resitol


It is important to register that the ingression of Resitol in raw sterol of pinus business, is just owing to the perseverance of one of  the directors, the industrial Mr Rodolfo Roher, who developed a technology of the sterol  extraction by a molecular distillery, German equipment, high technology to process this revolutionary product. Revolutionary because the American industry, exclusive client of raw sterol of Resitol, changes info an important ingredient to the feed segment. Increased to formulation of feed as yoghurts, juices, milk and fermented milk milks. This extract  vegetal -  the sterol - helps to reduce the level of the cholesterol blood.


Installed in Palmeira, Santa Catarina, the company occupies  an area of 60 thousand metres; there are 36 collaborators and works together with a search center and development located in Campinas(SP). Hold kosher certificate by Orthodox Union (certificates that the products obey the specific patterns which follows the Jewish Orthodox Diet), system of management of TOTVS (allows the trace since the raw-material to the finished product) and liability with environment and constant improvement.


Resitol is leadig the competition due to the great volume of production, quality and competitive price the continual efforts of merchandizing and technological capacitation allows to Resitol absolute success and permanent and sustainable growth.




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