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Otacilio Costa Road / São Sebastião
do Canoas s/nº, km 1,5
Industrial Area - Palmeira - SC
Post Box 60 - Zip Code 88545-000

Phone: +55 (49) 3275-2393
Fax: +55 (49) 3275-2242

E-mail: resitol@resitol.com.br


Curiosities Of Sterol

Did you know ?

… that sterol or ester of fitoterol that Resitol products from the pinus to feed consume can be found in small portions in rice flour, maize flour, maize oil, and soy beans?


… that the process of sterol or ester of fitosterol in the intestine (where the feed are absorbed) removes the cholesterol ?  This is true the sterol doesn’t let the cholesterol cross the intestinal wall to bloody flux (circulation). Result: the cholesterol is eliminated with the excrements.


… that the consummation of feed with sterol or ester of fitosterol must be associated to an equilibrated diet healthy habits ?

Advice: More information about sterol and ester of fitosterol, acess:

www.loveyourheart.ca or www.fpnotebook.com/cv/pharm/plntstrl.htm




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